After pitching at a Rise and Design: Designing for the consumer event, hosted by Design Network North at PROTO in Gateshead, we were approached by the amazing team at Evolto, who offered their support!

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Evolto Offer Brilliant Initiative to mycloudcoach!

Destiny, fate, luck? Call it what you will. On Friday 18th October, we attended Design Network North’s Rise and Design Event: Designing for the consumer and were fortunate enough to take centre stage to tell the audience about mycloudcoach.

The event was filled with reputable designers and their company’s, namely; EvoltoBlack and DeckerTommee TippeeWordnerds and many more. Thrilled to pitch in front of such a heavyweight crowd we passionately explained our mission in the allocated two minutes and sat down. After a successful pitch, mycloudcoach were asked back onto the stage, where host Terry McStea asked an open question to the audience, “So, how can we help?”. We took back to the stage and informed the audience on how we plan to develop a way of accessing our educational resource platform in rural areas around the world. We discussed the potential barriers and challenges when providing a tech solution for developing countries.

“Evolto is an innovative design house specialising in: Electronics, Firmware and software, Internet of Things, Robotics & Motion control.”

The event came to a close and we were delighted to be approached by a handful of organisations offering their support.

Evolto run a fantastic initiative, whereby on a Friday, their team of engineers are encouraged to work on non-commerical projects, inventions and projects for good; Peter Hawkin, CEO, suggested we take part in this initiative to help develop our solar powered projector, POD.


“It’s quite amazing how one pitch can result in working with an organisation who believes in working on inventions for good every Friday. It just seems like every company should work like that. But maybe if they did, it would diminish just how incredible it is for Evolto to run this. I feel extremely grateful for Peter and Ruth offering their support.”

– Chris, Founder.

On Monday 18th November, Chris and Project Engineer Phil, headed to Evolto’s HQ in Haltwhistle. We arrived and were taken back by their beautiful building that was formerly an old water tower by the railway tracks. Upon entering, we were greeted by the full Evolto team who were welcoming and very enthusiastic about mycloudcoach. We pleasantly surprised to see the entire team join the round table discussion, notepads and pens poised, ready to become immersed in our project and help solve our design challenges.

After creative and intellectual discussion, we really got to understand Evolto’s expertise in electronic and software engineering. They provided many logical and profound solutions to ensure that our solution is able to retrieve information both online and offline in rural areas.

We have been working very hard on developing our digital platform and now to see our concept begin to take shape is very rewarding. The final words that Peter said that morning, “So, we’ll get to building you a projector then?”, will stick with me, as this is is something we have been manifesting for a while and to see it come to fruition is a dream come true.

Thanks Evolto!

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