5 Reasons Why Every Classroom Needs a Projector

So why did we design a projector? Why not use tablets? Or a computer? Read this blog to find out why POD The Solar Powered Projector was born.

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1. It’s Easier to Take Notes

It can be quite difficult for a student to listen and takes notes at the same time. By using POD The Projector to display information and presentations, students can clearly see the context or supporting text that will assist the note taking process.

When a projector display is used in conjunction with teaching it allows the teacher to convey the notes being projected in a different way which deepens the level of processing involved with learning, making it more likely for students to store and remember the information. 

2. A Better Interactive Learning Experience

It’s easier to focus on something when you’re actively involved in it. A classroom projector enables a full class to interact at any one time so that they can increase their engagement in regular class discussion, through presentations and group projects.

It is also more likely for students to contribute more seriously to classroom participation when they are speaking in front of a whole class and working with their peers. Watching videos together, viewing real-time information, and taking quizzes can all increase their engagement level.

3. Engaging

Importantly, this level of interactivity helps to engage students. For example, POD can be used to show a short video, and then a few seconds later can display a quick quiz, and then a series of worksheets. The fact that teachers can switch between interesting displays is key as students have no moment to be distracted. 

Plus students can come up and integrate with the technology themselves, with no training and can quickly and easily be a valuable part of every lesson.

“We are proposing a solar powered projector as part of our solution to the shortage of learning resources, as classrooms are often overcrowded (as large as 80 pupils per teacher) we quickly understood that personal devices, such as tablets, would quickly become expensive. One projector allows an enitre class to collaboratively learn and be engaged.”

– Chris Nutman, Founder & CEO

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4. Productively Spend Class Time

Using a whiteboard or worse, a chalkboards takes up a lot of time. The continuous process of writing notes and erasing them as the lesson develops can be time-consuming. The act of cleaning and rewriting on the board can cause students to become disengaged and lose their focus. 

With POD, teachers can now prepare their exercises and presentations in advance and also use the content for multiple lessons without taking the additional time to write the same material on the board.

5. Fun for Teachers and Students

Hugely important for the classroom is the fact that using POD is fun. Teachers have always had problems with the scratch of the chalk and the dry powdery hands, or the squeak of dry-wipe boards and the smell of the pens. POD allows them to stay clean and actually have fun moving through different types of content. Pupils love the moving images and the fact they can interact with the projector.



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