This blog is part of the relaunch of our charity. It WAS My Cloud Coach; it’s NOW Global Teacher. Thanks for taking the time to stop by, we hope you're inspired by what you see.

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Hello all!

I’m Christopher Nutman and I am writing this blog as part of the relaunch of our charity. It WAS My Cloud Coach; it’s NOW Global Teacher.

There are many reasons why we’re relaunching but to cut a long story short the new name basically tells you the user, customer, teacher, recipient, stakeholder exactly what we are doing….yes, we, or my charity are  going to offer a unique way of offering education to poor and marginalised communities in the world. It aims to increase the availability of quality educational content in rural communities; by offering collective learning through a sustainable solar-powered projector, displaying educational content without access to mains power or the internet.

Digital Education for All

Essentially, it’s a form of cutting-edge educational technology that provides collective learning of material that has been donated on a platform by educators in the developing world; and it doesn’t need an internet connection- something that cannot be taken for granted.

So why form Global Teacher? Education has always fascinated me, how it can alleviate suffering by giving hope as a way of getting out of an individual’s circumstances and also, how it is a powerful weapon in which to change the world…I read that Nelson Mandela said that and it inspired me!

The real reason is more personal though. It’s my life journey and experience of education. I am a Design Engineering Graduate and whilst researching my final year project, it was both refreshing and motivating to find out how many people are trying to make a positive change in the world through design and innovation.

While hitting the end of my final year, I realised that I had a gratefulness for education. My journey was over, I was reflecting with slight nostalgia and I felt lucky for the education I had received. Through a tough time in my life with an OCD condition; it had given me the tools to access not only a degree I was very proud of but a way to approach personal development that was beneficial to my well-being.

So consequently, I chose to study Education in the global south for my dissertation project. In amongst the plethora of information, the starkest fact is that there is a huge lack of educational resources in underdeveloped nations leading to almost 15% of the world’s adult population being illiterate according to the United Nations.

For me education is intrinsically linked to life outcomes, so Global Teacher provides a solution for that and essentially is a non- profit looking to solve this global challenge.

Our mission is to teach one million children to read and write by 2025 through our solar-powered projector or pod – currently physical educational material is the main donated resource.

So essentially Global Teacher is about a product- that being the sustainable solar- powered pod AND it’s a digital service – via a process called #DonateADoc, which allows learning materials to be donated, and then downloaded via the pod for teachers to use on and off-grid.

We’re a small team with big ideas. We are currently developing the prototype to enable us to travel to Tanzania with international development organisation COCO to test our concept in their partner schools in Songea once it’s safe to do so and we have all been vaccinated.

We need your help to make this life-changing idea a reality. There are many ways that you could support our work, we’d love the opportunity to meet and tell you more about our social mission. I’m always open to collaboration, funding and sponsorship approaches.

Global Teacher believes in education, equality, design, impact, innovation, empowerment. Our vision is vast, if these values resonate with you as a reader, please get in touch with me.

If you’re interested in reading more about us please visit:

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We’ve Changed.

This blog is part of the relaunch of our charity. It WAS My Cloud Coach; it’s NOW Global Teacher. Thanks for taking the time to stop by, we hope you’re inspired by what you see.