50% of Schools Have No Internet

The Global Teacher Kit inspires marginalised students with access quality digital education even when there is no internet or electricity, putting curriculum, language and culture appropriate content in the hands of the hardest to reach. 

Made in Sunderland.

Here's The Problem.

Access to education should be a basic human right, yet 1 billion people worldwide lack electricity and 50% of schools have no internet access. This digital divide leaves many behind, with 15% of adults being illiterate. At Global Teacher Charity, we’re dedicated to closing this gap and providing equal opportunities for all through quality digital education.

1 Billion

People Globally Have No Electricity


Of The World’s Schools Don’t Have Internet

15 %

Of The World’s Adults Are Illiterate

Hi, I'm Pod!

Introducing Pod – the offline learning solution for students and educators worldwide. With Pod, access to educational content is never a concern. Whether you’re in a remote, off-grid location or just lack electricity and internet access, Pod allows you to continue learning anytime, anywhere. Learn more about Pod today.

Pod & Lumi

Offline Learning Kit for
Off-Grid Schools

We believe in the power of education to shape the future. Through access to quality education, we aim to empower the next generation of dreamers, visionaries, and problem-solvers to reach their full potential.

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