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Meet Pod! Pod is the world’s first 3D printed, solar-powered projector that is on a mission to give 1 million off-grid children, access to the world’s best digital education. Click below to get Pod into the hands of the hardest to reach!

Here's The Problem.

Approximately one billion people worldwide have no electricity and 50% of the world’s schools have no internet, making their education incredibly difficult. As a result, those affected often get left behind. This situation has resulted in 15% of the world’s adults becoming illiterate. We’re changing that.

1 Billion

People Globally Have No Electricity


Of The World’s Schools Don’t Have Internet

15 %

Of The World’s Adults Are Illiterate

Hi, I'm Pod!

Pod is an offline learning kit that allows students and educators all over the world to take advantage of educational content that can be taught anytime, anywhere, without electricity or internet. Learn about Pod Below.

Pod & Lumi

Offline Learning Kit for
Rural School Children

At Global Teacher, we believe exposure and access to good quality education can be the catalyst that will ignite the dreamers, visionaries and problem solvers of tomorrow.

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