I'm Chris

A Design Engineer and with a passion for designing products and solutions to the world’s biggest challenges. I believe in chasing dreams, doing what you’re best at and offering it in service to the world.

I intend to follow in the footsteps of great leaders such as Adam Braun and Scott Harrison. We will build Global Teacher to become an international charity. There will be solar-powered projectors in every school, community or place that needs digital education but has no internet or mains power. We’ll travel. We’ll create amazing campaigns. We’ll build a team of inspiring change makers. We’ll change the world. We’ll taste culture. We’ll document everything. We’ll create a global movement. We’ll make noise. We will be bold. We will love. We will learn and we will fail but not falter. We’ll connect with locals. We’ll empower the youth. We’ll make friends forever. We will do what we’re best at and offer it to the world. We will embrace life.

Chris Nutman

Founder, Global Teacher

Ending Digital

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My Passions


Through solving problems, working as a team and tending to aesthetics formed a love for Product Design and Engineering.


A personal battle with mental health enforced one of life's greatest gifts through personal-development and self-care.


Imparting knowledge has always been a passion of mine. Sharing my lessons and tips through my journey to help other on theirs.

Chris Nutman


What a rewarding journey – Thank you for your trust and support, this is what has helped us learn and grow. We plan to push forward until every marginalised student has access to #DigitalEducation. Let’s go!

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