“COCO is looking forward to collaborating with Global Teacher to improve the quality of education in partner schools in rural East Africa. In these schools, accessing learning resources is difficult and expensive, which hinders lesson planning and leaves staff and teachers without the information needed for effective learning. The idea will transform education for schools in the Global South. Global Teacher’s innovative technological design and passion for bringing opportunity to marginalised students are what makes the organisation unique, and we are sure that they will change the lives of thousands with their exciting programme.”

Jess Hamer

Global Teacher

Why do we exist?

We understand that there is a shortage of learning material in poor and remote parts of the world. This acts as a significant barrier to learning. We also understand that currently, to solve this issue, as human beings we donate physical resources such as textbooks, however, they quickly become worn, especially in hotter climates.

We are proposing a new method of charitable aid to help combat the shortage; the donation of digital educational documents. We are calling this social movement #donateadoc. Our goal is to allow teachers, educators and those with valuable digital learning to be able to give their valuable learning content to a great cause – to expand their reach and empower those who otherwise would be unable to access this material. And so, Donate A Doc was born.

We then display the donated digital education through our low-cost, durable, solar-powered projector, Pod, who makes learning available offline and off-grid. Providing a collaborative focal point to rural classrooms in the developing world.

A Learning Discovery


Through our low cost, durable, solar powered projector, POD, students and teachers in poor and marginalised parts of the world can display the previously unavailable donated content, offline and off-grid.


It is clear that there is a vast amount of learning resources available in the educational ecosystem, Global Teacher enables educators and content creators to donate their digital documents, to a great cause.


After the documents have
been uploaded to our bespoke digital platform, they will be organised, verified and made available though our solar-powered projector, named Pod!

Charity Board



Sumi is the leader of Global Teacher’s Board of Trustees and governs the strategic evolution of the charity. Sumi is a fantastic professional, plant-lover and all round caring individual who’s personal journey of reading donated books from a young age aligns perfectly with Global Teacher’s mission.



Jess is the Operations and Communications Manager for the International Development Organisation COCO and is a passionate leader of the Donate A Doc team, striving to increase quality education in poor and marginalised communities.


Neena Dhaun

Neena is a former journalist, now working as a Digital Content Marketing Strategist.
She started her career at international news agency Reuters. As a journalist she has worked at GMTV, the BBC and Press Association in the regions and national news covering a range of social welfare stories. 


Steve is a Strategic thinker with the ability to understands problems quickly. He has a proven ability to think outside the box and it a huge asset to the team when using his excellent communication skills, talking strategy or problem solving.


Kinga Kaminska

Kinga is an entrepreneur and former teacher having recently completed her Masters in Education. With a particular focus on curriculum design, Kinga is keen to ensure that learning materials are effective and fit for purpose, producing the desired educational impact.