An Interview With Jess Whitaker

Jess Whitaker – Partnerships Manager at COCO , Programme Manager at Educate for Life & Global Teacher Secretary.

Hello! I’m Jess Whitaker, one of the board of trustees at Global Teacher. I’ll get to talking about me a bit later on, but first, I want to rave about how proud I am a to be part of the Global Teacher movement and the incredible team I get to be a part of.

So how did I get here you ask? Well my background is in global development with the last five years being at where I work closely with remote communities across East Africa. COCO’s mission is to provide sustainable sources of quality education to children living in poor, marginalised communities. 

I remember first reading about Chris’ idea of sharing educational resources across the world digitally and thinking what a fantastically simple, innovative and sustainable solution to the global education crisis it was. We both believed in bringing about worldwide improvements to education. After being in touch via email, when we finally met in person Chris’ passion and enthusiasm was infectious. I jumped at the opportunity to get more involved and support the mission of Global Teacher.

Since meeting Chris a few years ago and I am thrilled to have seen this movement grow from an idea to the organisation it is today, and am looking forward to what it will become and achieve. People may be wondering how COCO are working with Global Teacher? Well COCO has the schools access and Chris had the materials…we thought it would be a great idea to test the pod and share the learning resources he is gathering via the DonateADoc platform in our schools in remote Southern Tanzania.

Currently, many of the schools have a limited supply of the curriculum text books, which they share between students. Having access to resources shared by other teachers around the world, resources that already exist, can only have such a positive impact on the students’ learning.

I’m so excited for the first POD projectors to reach schools in Tanzania and to start benefiting the students and teachers. I can’t wait to see the impact that they are going to have and to see this grow beyond southern Tanzania and to become a global movement!